Radiopharmaceutical Development

Preclinical, Translational and Clinical Studies

Translational Theranostics Research at Karolinska Institutet

The TRANslational Theranostics Group at Karolinska Institutet, also recognized as Tran Lab, is advancing theranostic radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Our research focuses on the development of targeted radiopharmaceuticals for theranostics, i.e. radioactive drugs that can be used both for therapy and diagnostics.  We perform specifically: 

  • Discovery and identification of novel targets for cancer treatment
  • Drug screening for new drug candidates.
  • Advancement of non-conventional radiometals for diagnostics and therapy
  • Development of radiolabelling methods
  • In vitro evaluation in cell cultures and in vivo evaluations in animal models 

Our research group is a diverse and multidisciplinary team at the Department of Oncology and Pathology at the Karolinska Institutet. Many of our members are also clinically active at the Karolinska University Hospital, within the Karolinska Radiopharmacy and the Department of Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine.

Methodologies and Infrastructure

The  TRANslational Theranostics Group is based at the Dept of Oncology and Pathology, and Dept of Karolinska Radiopharmacy, both located in Bioclinicum, Solna.  

The Karolinska Radiopharmacy at Karolinska University Hospital has a new-built state-of-the-art radiochemistry facility, equipped with:

  • 2 cyclotrons (PETrace 800, GE)
  • In total 32  research and GMP hotcells (Comecer)
  • Several synthesis modules (GE, Trasis, E&Z, ITM etc) 
  • New analytical instrumentations (Agilent, LabLogic etc) 

We have access to the solid target on one of the cyclotrons and dedicated radiochemistry labs for the preclinical radiometal and radiochemistry development. We collaborate closely with research leaders within target identification and drug screening and utilizing crucial national infrastructure at Scilifelab and the core facilities at KI (such as nanoPET/CT at KERIC). 

Here is an overview of the methodologies used in our research: 

Research Support

Our lab research is funded by both internal and external funding through: 

– The Swedish Research Council
– The Swedish Cancer Society
– The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
– Radiumhemmets forskningsfonder
– Prostatacancerförbundet
– KID grant, Karolinska Institutet
– Medicinsk Diagnostik Karolinska, MDK kliniknära FoU-medel
– National infrastructure Scilifelab
– The KI corefacilities

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